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This portal uses Agilent iLab Operations Software that allows for web-based shared resource scheduling, instrument access control, billing, reporting, and more. The use of the  iLab Operations Software is currently being piloted only for the Leduc Bioimaging Core Facility and was made possible through a collaboration between the Division of Biology and Medicine Research Operations and the Computing & Information Services group.

Please use the Brown University Core Facilities tab at the top of this section to access the Leduc Bioimaging Core Facility iLab site and links to other non-iLabs core facility websites. 


Please note

For researchers to be able to use the scheduling functions for bioimaging instruments, the lab’s PI must be a registered iLabs user

For researchers to be able to login to use the instrumentation within the Bioimaging Core, they must have their billing account number

For Brown researchers this billing account number is generally


a grant number (for example GR5XXXXXX) or


a cost center account (for example CCXXXXX.PRG100.AXXXXXX)


For Hospital-based researchers, the lab PI’s name is generally adequate for billing purposes


Please come prepared with your appropriate account number when arriving to use the Leduc Bioimaging Core!


iLab Cores at Brown University

Cores at BioMed Cores

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Flow Cytometry Facility

Kevin Carlson kevin_carlson@brown.edu (401) 863-6396
Proteomics Facility

Nicholas DaSilva nicholas_dasilva@brown.edu
XROMM Facility

Erika Tavares erika_tavares@brown.edu (401) 863-1032

Cores at Fluid Biomarkers Lab

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Fluid Biomarkers Laboratory

Kristine Pelton kristine_pelton@brown.edu 401-863-6849

Other cores at Brown University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
Bioimaging Facility

The Leduc Bioimaging Facility, open to all investigators, provides equipment and training dedicated to high-resolution imaging in the life sciences.

Robbert Creton, PhD robbert_creton_phd@brown.edu 401-863-9646

non-iLab Cores at Brown University

Core Name Primary Contact Email Phone Number/Ext
BioMed Drosophila Media Facility

The Drosophila Media Facility is dedicated to providing investigators with high quality media for Drosophila research.

Katherine Patenaude katherine_patenaude@brown.edu
BioMed Flow Cytometry and Sorting Facility

Flow Cytometry and Sorting Facility provides technical assistance to Brown researchers by performing flow cytometry-based analysis and sorting. The facility has a 5-laser, 20-parameter BD FACSAria IIIu for flow and sorting applications, as well as a 3-laser, 15-parameter BD FACSCelesta equipped w...

Kevin Carlson Flow_Cytometry_Facility@brown.edu 401-863-6396
BioMed Genomics Facility

The Genomics Core Facility offers Next Generation Sequencing, DNA/RNA shearing, sample QC, Affymetrix microarray, qPCR services and provides assistance with experimental design, trouble shooting, and data analysis.

Christoph Schorl Christoph_Schorl@brown.edu 401-863-2875
BioMed Magnetic Resonance Imaging Facility

The MRI Research Facility (MRF), provides infrastructure and support to facilitate research and educational activities using magnetic resonance imaging technology. The centerpiece of the facility is a state-of-the-art Siemens 3 Tesla PRISMA scanner, equipped with 64 receiver channel

Michael Worden MRIResearch@Brown.edu 401 863-6335
BioMed Molecular Pathology Core

The Molecular Pathology Core at Brown University, open to all investigators and provides high quality histology and histopathology services.

Giovanni Carderon giovanni_carderon@brown.edu 401-863-6151
BioMed Mouse Transgenic and Gene Targeting Facility

The MTGTF provides services of molecular design and generation of transgenic and knock-out mouse models as well as general advice on the use and management of such models. The cutting-edge technologies of the CRISPR/Cas9 system are well established in the facility.

Jinping Luo Jinping_Luo@brown.edu 401-863-9544
BioMed Proteomics Facility

The Proteomics Facility is a focal point of intellectual activity in proteomics by enabling nationally recognized proteomics research within Rhode Island.

Mandar Naik mandar_naik@brown.edu 401-863-5366
BioMed Rhode Island Biobank

The Rhode Island Biobank is a state of the art cryogenic facility for human tissue and fluid samples.

Garrett Sullivan ribb@brown.edu 401-863-6265
BioMed Structural Biology Facility

The Structural Biology Core Facility provides state of the art instruments for structural modeling in crystals and in solution, using X-ray diffraction and scattering, as well as magnetic resonance.

Mandar Naik mandar_naik@brown.edu 401-863-5366
BioMed X-Ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM)

X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM) is a 3D imaging technology, developed at Brown University, for visualizing rapid skeletal movement in vivo.

Elizabeth Brainerd Elizabeth_Brainerd@brown.edu
Chemistry Mass Spectrometry Facility

The Mass Spectrometry Facility in the Chemistry Department maintains two GC-MS, three LC-MS, MALDI-MS, and a standalone HPLC system. The mass spectrometers offer electron impact (EI), electrospray (ESI), atmospheric chemical ionization (APCI), and matrix assisted laser desorption ionization (MAL...

Tun-Li Shen Tun-Li_Shen@brown.edu 401-863-2321
Chemistry Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

The NMR Facility currently has four Bruker high field NMR spectrometers: one 600 Megahertz (MHz), one 300 MHz and two 400 MHz instruments.

Russel Hopson Russell_Hopson@brown.edu
DEEPS Electron Microprobe

The Electron Microprobe Facility houses the Cameca SX-100 electron microprobe which is one of the primary and fundamental research instruments in the Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences.

Joseph Boesenberg Joseph_Boesenberg@brown.edu
DEEPS Environmental Chemistry Facility

The Environmental Chemistry Facility houses equipment to process and analyze environmental samples.

David Murray David_Murray@brown.edu 401-863-3531
DEEPS Mass Spectrometry Analytical Facility

The Mass Spectrometry Analytical Facility houses a Thermo Scientific Neptune Plus multi-collector ICP-MS, a Thermo Scientific X-series-2 ICP-MS, a Photon-Machines Analyte G2 laser ablation and a trace-metal free clean lab built by Pico Trace.

Soumen Mallick Soumen_Mallick@brown.edu
Engineering Fluid Dynamics Testing Facilities (FDTF)

The Fluid Dynamics Testing Facility has a new wind tunnel which was installed in 2019. The tunnel has a 1.2 x 1.2 x 4 meter test section and can operate at speeds from 2 – 50 meters/second (approx 5 – 120 mph).

Kenneth Breuer Kenneth_Breuer@brown.edu
IMNI Electron Microscopy Facility

The Electron Microscopy Facility serves the research and teaching needs of faculty, researchers, and students in the physical and biological sciences at Brown University and is available to outside academic and, in most cases, industry users.

Anthony McCormick David_Paine@brown.edu
IMNI Joint Engineering/Physics Instrumentation Shop

The purpose of JEPIS is to assist the scientific departments at Brown in the development of experiments, research projects and instructional classes.

Charles Vickers Charles_Vickers_jr@brown.edu
IMNI Nanofabrication Central Facility

The Nanofabrication Central Facility (formerly the Microelectronics Core Facility) provides the necessary fabrication and characterization resources for research into modern device technologies, including electronics, microfluidics, and photonics.

Michael Jibitsky Michael_Jibitsky@brown.edu 401-863-1402
IMNI Nano Tools Facility

The NanoTools facility comprises sophisticated characterization instrumentation, and it serves the research and teaching needs of faculty, researchers, and students in the physical and biological sciences at Brown University.

Hector_Garces Hector_Garces@brown.edu 401-863-5942