XROMM Facility

Overview of Services

We provide high-speed biplane fluoroscopy and CT scanning services for XROMM and other 3D imaging applications. XROMM (X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology) is a 3D imaging technology for visualizing rapid skeletal movement in vivo. XROMM combines CT scans of bone morphology with movement data from biplane x-ray video to create highly accurate (±0.1 mm) re-animations of the 3D bones moving in 3D space. Rapid bone motion, such as during bird flight, frog jumping, and human running, can be visualized and quantified with XROMM.


  • High-speed biplane fluoroscopy (biplane videoradiograpy)
  • CT Scanning
  • X-ray Reconstruction of Moving Morphology (XROMM)
  • Technical Assistance
  • Data Management Services


  • Fidex Veterinary CT Scanner
  • GE Lightspeed CT Scanner
  • SkyScan 1276 micro CT Scanner

Core Acknowledgement

We thank the Office of the Vice President for Research at Brown University, the RIH Orthopaedic Foundation, and the Bushnell Research and Graduate Education Fund for essential seed funding at the start of the XROMM development project. The W.M. Keck Foundation generously provided funding for the development of biplanar videoradiography hardware, and in support of our interdisciplinary collaborative development of XROMM software. The US National Science Foundation provided funding for the development of x-ray hardware and XROMM software for comparative biomechanics research. XROMM technology development has been supported by the National Science Foundation under grant nos. DBI-0552051, IOS-0840950, DBI-1661129 and DBI-2018738 and DBI-2323175.


Erika Tavares | Facility Manager | (401) 863-1032 | erika_tavares@brown.edu

Elizabeth Brainerd | Faculty Director | elizabeth_brainerd@brown.edu

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BioMed Center

Providence, RI 02912

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Name Role Phone Email Location
Erika Tavares
Facility Manager
(401) 863-1032
BioMed Center
Elizabeth Brainerd
Faculty Director
(401) 863-9261
BioMed Center